Asia Pacific Snooker & Billiards Federation (APSBF)

22 Jun 2020

The Board of the Oceania Billiards & Snooker Federation (OBSF) have pleasure in announcing several exciting new developments within the region.

For some time now the OBSF has struggled to provide its members with opportunities to grow the region and give its members' players the opportunity to compete at a higher level.

In recent times the Oceania Championships have unfortunately become effectively just another Australian championship with over 95% of competitors being Australian. This is not viable and detracts from the status of the Federation. We were at risk of having to close the Federation and also of losing the main tour spot provided by the WPBSA.

Over the past few months, the Board have worked towards making massive changes to the OBSF. We are very excited to announce that the members of the OBSF have voted unanimously to adopt a new constitution and to rename the Federation as the Asia Pacific Snooker & Billiards Federation.

Whilst the constitutional change was occurring, the APSBF was admitted as a member of the Olympic Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO) which amongst other things gives it entry into the Pacific Games along with 28 other sports. We will be working closely with countries affiliated with OSFO to grow our sport within the region.

APSBF welcomes countries from within the Asia Pacific region to affiliate with it.

The Board of the APSBF trust that you will support these changes and we look forward to exciting times for the sport we all love.

Frank Dewens
President APSBF

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